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grl28161-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document10Kreadme.txt
grl28161-sup-0002-fs01.epsPS document4588KFigure S1. Comparison between JA and JJAS rainfall time series between regions that exhibit quasi east-west precipitation dipole-like spatial pattern over India, northeast India, and the Core Monsoon Zone
grl28161-sup-0003-fs02.epsPS document2313KFigure S2. Correlations between the number of active and break days during June to September months and standardized rainfall anomalies for the core monsoon zone and northeast India.
grl28161-sup-0004-fs03.epsPS document690KFigure S3. The age models for stalagmites JHU-1 and WS-B.
grl28161-sup-0005-fs04.epsPS document1096KFigure S4. Comparison between the JHU-1 d18O profile and JJAS precipitation amounts over CI/CMZ region.
grl28161-sup-0006-fs05.epsPS document978KFigure S5. Comparison between the WS-B d18O profile and JJAS precipitation amounts at Shillong.
grl28161-sup-0007-fs06.epsPS document866KFigure S6. Proxy reconstructions of the equatorial Pacific zonal SST gradient, Northern Hemisphere, and Tibetan Plateau temperatures.
grl28161-sup-0008-fs07.tifTIFF image843KFigure S7. Scanned image of JHU-1 stalagmite and grey-scale photo-micrograph of optical laminations in JHU-1 stalagmite.
grl28161-sup-0009-ts01.xlsapplication/excel26KTable S1. Seasonal precipitation amounts at Jagdalpur.
grl28161-sup-0010-ts02.xlsapplication/excel26KTable S2. Seasonal precipitation amounts at Shillong and northeast India.
grl28161-sup-0011-ts03.xlsapplication/excel28KTable S3. Cave monitoring data from Jhumar and Wah-Shikar Caves.
grl28161-sup-0012-ts04.xlsapplication/excel99KTable S4. U-Th data for JHU-1 and WS-B stalagmites.
grl28161-sup-0013-ts05.xlsapplication/excel25KTable S5. Estimated change-points.

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