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grl28183-sup-0002-fs01.jpgimage/pjpeg84KFigure S1. Schematic diagram showing idealized repeating and smoothed sunspot cycle, idealized equatorial eastern Pacific SST anomalies, and idealized low pass filtered equatorial eastern Pacific SST anomalies, meant to illustrate the effects of regression versus compositing that involve these time series.
grl28183-sup-0003-fs02.jpgimage/pjpeg90KFigure S2. Average sea-level pressure anomalies in July-August in Year-1 of the first seven sunspot peak years and the second seven sunspot peak years from the Hadley2 SLP data.
grl28183-sup-0004-fs03.jpgimage/pjpeg129KFigure S3. Average anomalies of sea-level pressure in January-February Year0 in the five last sunspot peaks from the NCEP/NCAR reanalyses.
grl28183-sup-0005-fs04.jpgimage/pjpeg131KFigure S4. Sea level pressure anomalies in response to a negative convective heating anomaly.
grl28183-sup-0006-fs05.jpgimage/pjpeg152KFigure S5. As in Figure 2 but for anomalies of sea-surface temperature.

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