• Cassini;
  • Enceladus;
  • magnetometer;
  • plasma

[1] In 2009 and 2010, the Cassini spacecraft made seven targeted Enceladus flybys along trajectories parallel to the equatorial plane. The magnetometer on board Cassini made a complete set of vector field distribution measurements on these tracks and observed significant perturbations that further constrained the location of the momentum-exchange region. These observations were made not only above and below the moon Enceladus, but also above and below the momentum-loading center. The observed field perturbations are consistent with previous interpretations of the interaction. Southernly-biased Io-type, Alfvén-wing signatures are penetrated by Cassini. In addition to the draping due to the slowing down, the magnetic field drapes away from Saturn, indicating that the dust in the plume is predominantly negatively charged. No Saturnward or anti-Saturnward tilt of the plume is identified.