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grl28629-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document2Kreadme.txt
grl28629-sup-0002-txts01.pdfPDF document26KText S1. Description of the procedure for correcting mean and linear trend biases.
grl28629-sup-0003-fs01.pdfPDF document62KFigure S1. Observation based anomalies of monthly-mean and global-mean surface temperature relative to 1961–1990; estimated natural anomalies; residual anomalies found by removing the estimated natural signals in TGLOBAL.
grl28629-sup-0004-fs02.pdfPDF document219KFigure S2. Decadal temperature trends for the period from 2001 to 2010.
grl28629-sup-0005-fs03.pdfPDF document9KFigure S3. Correlation between the observed and hindcast ENSO signals.
grl28629-sup-0006-fs04.pdfPDF document8KFigure S4. Schematic diagram illustrating the consequences of not correcting for differences in long-term trends in the case where freecast linear trends overestimate observed linear trends.

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