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grl28662-sup-0002-fs01.pdfPDF document96KFigure S1. Correlation of the SAI, at each latitude summed over all longitudes between 0–180 deg E, with the DJF AO.
grl28662-sup-0003-fs02.pdfPDF document225KFigure S2. The daily snow cover shown for October 2007 (red), 2009 (blue) and the climatological mean (black) for Eurasia equatorward of 60 deg N.
grl28662-sup-0004-fs03.pdfPDF document1150KFigure S3. Correlation of DJF AO and DJF 50 hPa geopotential heights, and correlation of October SAI and DJF 50 hPa geopotential heights.
grl28662-sup-0005-fs04.pdfPDF document733KFigure S4. The anomaly correlation coefficient for hindcasts of land surface temperatures from the (a) Canadian seasonal forecast model (b) NOAA's Climate Forecast System and (c) the DEMETER ensemble of seasonal forecast models.

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