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grl28756-sup-0001-txts01.txtplain text document2KText S1. Depth profile samples and the results we obtain using the method of Hidy et al. [2010].
grl28756-sup-0002-ts01.txtplain text document3KTable S1. Analytical results of 10Be geochronology at Muji and surface exposure ages using all scaling models.
grl28756-sup-0003-ts02.txtplain text document0KTable S2. Summary of the depth profile sample data at Muji, used in Hidy et al. [2010]'s program.
grl28756-sup-0004-fs01.epsPS document14544KFigure S1. Field photos of each individual sample.
grl28756-sup-0005-fs02.epsPS document3523KFigure S2. Screen shot of the parameters entered into Hidy et al. [2010]'s program for the Muji depth profile and concentrations of 10Be as function of depth below surface, using Hidy et al. [2010]'s program and associated results.
grl28756-sup-0006-fs03.epsPS document14883KFigure S3. Field photos of the Muji site and their interpretation.
grl28756-sup-0007-fs04.epsPS document1359KFigure S4. T6/T5 and T4/T0 riser offset measurements on retro-deformed satellite images.
grl28756-sup-0008-fs05.epsPS document922KFigure S5. Total station profiles measured in the field by Liu [1993].
grl28756-sup-0009-fs06.epsPS document8025KFigure S6. Location of some right-lateral offsets from Figure S5.

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