• MPMS;
  • Verwey transition;
  • demagnetization temperature;
  • high-pressure;
  • low-teperature remanence;
  • magnetite

[1] We have conducted the first in-situthermal demagnetization experiments on low-temperature remanences of magnetite under high pressure up to 0.7 GPa, to investigate the pressure dependence of the demagnetization temperature (Td) defined as rapid decreases in the remanences. A sample of multidomain magnetite particles was set up in the piston-cylinder-type high-pressure cell specially designed for an MPMS. We conducted zero-field warming (ZFW) on (1) saturation isothermal remanent magnetizations imparted at 20 K and (2) remanences given by field cooling from 300 to 20 K. Our measurements show a clear decrease inTdwith pressure at a rate of −2.9 K/GPa, although a positive rate was inferred by the previous study. Combining with other transition data of physical properties, sharp declines in low-temperature remanences around 120 K during ZFW are considered as one of the physical property changes associated with the Verwey transition.