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jgrd17731-sup-0002-fs01.epsPS document3400KFigure S1. Locations of ozonesondes and selected WP-3D daytime flight legs below 1.5 km over in the LA Basin and the Central Valley of California during CalNex 2010.
jgrd17731-sup-0003-fs02.epsPS document1141KFigure S2. Vertical cross-section along California coast showing simulated stratospheric ozone tracer with isentropic surfaces on May 19–20, 2010, and total CO with Asian CO as determined by the difference between the standard simulation and a sensitivity simulation with Asian anthropogenic emissions shut off.
jgrd17731-sup-0004-fs03.epsPS document718KFigure S3. Comparison of AM3/C48 (~163–231 km) and AM3/C180 (~43–62 km) O3 vertical profiles with ozonesondes in California during a stratospheric intrusion and Asian pollution event on 17–19 May 2010.
jgrd17731-sup-0005-fs04.epsPS document2827KFigure S4. Propagation of Asian pollution from the North Pacific Ocean to the western USA from June 19–21, 2010.
jgrd17731-sup-0006-fs05.epsPS document718KFigure S5. As in Figure S3, but for June 16–19, 2010.
jgrd17731-sup-0007-fs06.epsPS document1688KFigure S6. Contribution of North American anthropogenic emissions to MDA8 O3 in the model surface layer on May 8–9 and June 21–22, 2010, as determined by the difference between the base simulation and a sensitivity simulation with North American anthropogenic emissions turned off.
jgrd17731-sup-0008-fs07.epsPS document1121KFigure S7. Mean MDA8 O3 in surface air over the western U.S. in May–June 2010 showing the AQS observations, the GFDL AM3 model surface layer, and the difference between the AM3 model and AQS observations.
jgrd17731-sup-0009-fs08.epsPS document411KFigure S8. Scatter plot of Asian enhancements vs. model biases in MDA8 O3, sampled in the model surface layer for all AQS sites in the southwest U.S. and for CASTNet high-elevation sites.
jgrd17731-sup-0010-fs09.epsPS document575KFigure S9. Ozone production efficiency: Ox vs. NOzfrom WP-3D daytime measurements and results from the GFDL AM3 model sampled at flight tracks below 1.5 km over the LA Basin and the Central Valley.
jgrd17731-sup-0011-fs10.epsPS document1773KFigure S10. Comparison of cumulative probability distributions of O3, CO, NOy, and NOxfrom WP-3D measurements and results from AM3/C180 sampled at WP-3D flight tracks below 1.5 km over the LA Basin and the Central Valley shown in Figure S1.
jgrd17731-sup-0012-fs11.epsPS document789KFigure S11. May–June 2010 mean vertical distributions of Asian anthropogenic enhancements to O3, NOx, and PAN with isentropic surfaces along a north-south transect at 120°W.
jgrd17731-sup-0013-t01.txtplain text document1KTab-delimited Table 1.

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