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jgrf950-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document2Kreadme.txt
jgrf950-sup-0002-txts01.pdfPDF document308KText S1. An explanation of methods used to estimate diffusivity, a detailed caption explaining the videos, a table that lists typical values of granular-matrix properties and pore-fluid properties used to estimate hydraulic diffusivity, and five figures showing shear strength of an erosion-sensor element as a function of the fraction of the element buried in sediment, an enlarged time slice of Sensor data, plots of bed-sediment pore fluid pressure and volumetric water content, and an example of the second method used to estimate hydraulic diffusivity of bed sediment.
jgrf950-sup-0003-ms01.aviapplication/x-troff-msvideo22185KVideo S1. Video for the 26 July 2011 event.
jgrf950-sup-0004-ms02.aviapplication/x-troff-msvideo22597KVideo S2. Video for the 28 June 2010 event.
jgrf950-sup-0005-ms03.aviapplication/x-troff-msvideo48624KVideo S3. Video for the 15 September 2009 event.
jgrf950-sup-0006-ms04.aviapplication/x-troff-msvideo36442KVideo S4. Video for the 30 June 2011 event.
jgrf950-sup-0007-ms05.aviapplication/x-troff-msvideo14957KVideo S5. Video for the 12 June 2010 event.
jgrf950-sup-0008-t01.txtplain text document1KTab-delimited Table 1.
jgrf950-sup-0009-t02.txtplain text document1KTab-delimited Table 2.
jgrf950-sup-0010-t03.txtplain text document2KTab-delimited Table 3.

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