Auxiliary material for this article contains eight files showing the calibrations for the soil moisture data, an example of FTIR spectra, information related to the logistic regression model and its application, difractograms of the ash material, and estimations of CO2 production and O2 consumption.

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Additional file information is provided in the readme.txt.

jgrg916-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document2Kreadme.txt
jgrg916-sup-0002-fs01.pdfPDF document24KFigure S1. Calibrations used to convert sensor output (mV) to air filled porosity AFP (%).
jgrg916-sup-0003-fs02.pdfPDF document38KFigure S2. Example of FTIR spectra at different depths in the peat profile.
jgrg916-sup-0004-fs03.pdfPDF document224KFigure S3. Predicted probabilities of oxygen presence using equation 1 (oxygen saturation >50%).
jgrg916-sup-0005-ts01.pdfPDF document22KTable S1. List of misclassifications at positive RWT using equation 1 (oxygen saturation >50%).
jgrg916-sup-0006-ts02.pdfPDF document51KTable S2. Application of the logistic regression model using equation 1.
jgrg916-sup-0007-ts03.pdfPDF document66KTable S3. Caption: Statistical report of the logistic regression analysis of 1275 oxygen measurements at different oxygen saturation levels using bulk density (BD) as predictor instead of ash content.
jgrg916-sup-0008-fs04.pdfPDF document16KFigure S4. Difractograms of ash material at 5 and 40 cm depth using XRD. Quartz constituted the main mineral.
jgrg916-sup-0009-txts01.pdfPDF document802KText S1. Estimations of CO2 production and O2 consumption based on soil concentrations and peat moisture (AFP).
jgrg916-sup-0010-t01.txtplain text document2KTab-delimited Table 1.
jgrg916-sup-0011-t02.txtplain text document2KTab-delimited Table 2.

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