Spatial effects of HF multiple scattering in the ionosphere: Experimental observations



[1] The theory of multiple scattering of MF/HF radio waves by intermediate-scale (0.1–5 km) ionospheric irregularities predicts a very distinctive distribution of the relative integral intensity of a signal reflected from the ionosphere in the vicinity of a ground-based transmitter. It is significantly reduced within a distance of about several tens of kilometers. A ring of enhancement occurs at a greater distance. At still larger distances from the transmitter, effects of multiple scattering are weakened and the integral intensity returns to its undisturbed value. While there are experimental confirmations of the “anomalous attenuation” effect near the transmitter location, no attempt has yet been made to track the intensity features at the larger distances. This paper presents results of the first experimental campaign of this kind that was conducted in September–November 2009 in and around Boulder, CO. The results obtained confirm that significant deviations from the predictions of geometrical optics occur, and these deviations are in general agreement with the theory of multiple scattering in the ionosphere.