Auxiliary material for this article contains data for the studied catchments and the justification of the linear relationship between ET/P and PET/P.

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Additional file information is provided in the readme.txt.

wrcr13140-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document3Kreadme.txt
wrcr13140-sup-0002-ds01.xlsx158KData Set S1. Data for the basic information of the studied catchments and statistical results.
wrcr13140-sup-0003-txts01.docWord document108KText S1. Supporting information about the justification of the linear relationship between ET/P and PET/P using the Monte Carlo experiment.
wrcr13140-sup-0004-fs01.pdfPDF document35KFigure S1. Scatterplot of interannual CV of precipitation with catchment aridity.
wrcr13140-sup-0005-fs02.pdfPDF document37KFigure S2. Scatterplot of the magnitude of CV between CVP/CVPET and CVP/CVET.
wrcr13140-sup-0006-fs03.pdfPDF document40KFigure S3. Scatterplot of relationship between R2 based on UM_ET and PET/P.
wrcr13140-sup-0007-fs04.pdfPDF document75KFigure S4. Scatterplot of relationship of R2 based on UM_ET versus CVP/CVPET and CVP/CVET.
wrcr13140-sup-0008-fs05.pdfPDF document75KFigure S5. Scatterplots of slope and intercept of the linear relationship versus PET/P.
wrcr13140-sup-0009-fs06.pdfPDF document76KFigure S6. Scatterplots of the resampled relationship of R2 with CVP/CVPET and CVP/CVET.
wrcr13140-sup-0010-fs07.pdfPDF document76KFigure S7. Scatterplots of the resampled mean slope and intercept versus catchment PET/P.

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