Fall Meeting by the numbers



  • Visits to the Fall Meeting Web site: 650,000
  • Total participants at the meeting: 20,890
  • Abstracts submitted to the meeting: 20,087
  • Donors who attended and took advantage of donor lounges: 1835
  • Total attendance at Simon Winchester's Presidential Forum Lecture: 1200
  • Total attendance at the Honors Banquet: 905
  • Books sold at the AGU Marketplace: 671
  • Individuals registered for the Fun Run: 487
  • Students who participated in the Student Breakfast: 450
  • Individuals who crossed the finish line at the Fun Run: 384
  • Total attendees at Exploration Station: 307
  • Total booths sold in the Exhibit Hall: 304
  • Press registered for the meeting: 288
  • Membership transactions completed for renewing and registering members at AGU Marketplace: 156
  • Meeting attendees who were past Congressional Visits Day participants: 82
  • Editors, associate editors, and their student guests who visited the Editors Resource Center: 63
  • Copies of Navigating Graduate School and Beyond: A Career Guide for Graduate Students and a Must Read for Every Advisor sold during and after the talk and book signing by author Sundar A. Christopher: 50
  • Kegs of beer consumed during the Ice Breaker on Sunday, 4 December: 48
  • Hours of video footage shot at the meeting by the AGU videographer: 40
  • Potential geopress authors and editors who attended the daily “Come Publish With geopress” sessions in the AGU Marketplace: 31
  • Press conferences held at the meeting: 25
  • Average age of minors attending Exploration Station: 8.7
  • Educational seminars sponsored by AGU Publications: 2 (one on how to write a good scientific paper and the other on the rewards of reviewing)
  • Watching three preschoolers in space suits waiting to meet astronaut Andrew Feustel after the Public Lecture: Priceless (with apologies to Mastercard®)