Geophysical information for teachers: Wave tanks, homemade clouds, glacial goo, and more!



AGU is deeply committed to fostering the next generation of Earth and space scientists. Union activities contribute to this effort in many ways, one of which is partnering with the National Earth Science Teacher's Association (NESTA) to hold the Annual Geophysical Information for Teachers (GIFT) workshop at AGU's annual Fall Meeting. GIFT allows K-12 science teachers to hear about the latest geoscience research from the scientists making the discoveries, explore new classroom resources for their students, and visit exhibits and technical sessions of the AGU meeting for free. In 2011 AGU worked with NESTA to develop an improved rigorous and open application process for scientists and education professionals who wished to work as a team and present their Earth and space science work to teachers, as well as lead the educators in a hands-on, classroom- ready activity. Twenty-four applications were received for five slots, so the selected presentations (on tsunamis, clouds, field campaigns, glaciers, and volcanoes), chosen through a peer- review process, truly represented the best ways of getting cutting-edge science into the classroom.