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Lightning detection technology and applications of lightning data



International Lightning Detection Conference/International Lightning Meteorology Conference; Broomfield, Colorado, 2–5 April 2012 More than 100 lightning scientists, meteorologists, and engineers attended the 22nd International Lightning Detection Conference (ILDC) and the 4th International Lightning Meteorology Conference (ILMC) sponsored by Vaisala Inc., in Broomfeld, Colo., this spring. Nearly half of the attendees were from outside the United States, making this event a truly international forum for discussing the science of lightning detection and its applications. ILDC has been held every other year for the past 17 years and took place annually before then. Traditionally, ILDC/ILMC has been a forum for designers and operators of lightning detection networks and users of network data to discuss the latest advances in technology and applications of lightning data for research and operational purposes, as well as technological innovations required to meet future operational challenges.