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ggge2212-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document6Kreadme.txt
ggge2212-sup-0002-txts01.docWord document59KText S1. Details of our data acquisition, reduction and modelling methods.
ggge2212-sup-0003-ts01.docWord document49KTable S1. Details of the sonar textures used in the study.
ggge2212-sup-0004-fs01.jpgJPEG image3550KFigure S1. Seafloor gradient derived from TOBI bathymetry (red) and ship-based multibeam bathymetry (blue), with corresponding multibeam depth profiles (brown).
ggge2212-sup-0005-fs02.jpgJPEG image4198KFigure S2. Total magnetic field anomaly measured by TOBI.
ggge2212-sup-0006-fs03.jpgJPEG image11324KFigure S3. Seafloor gradient derived from ship-based multibeam bathymetry.
ggge2212-sup-0007-fs04.jpgJPEG image2482KFigure S4. Example of backscatter levels from TOBI sidescan.
ggge2212-sup-0008-fs05.jpgJPEG image5851KFigure S5. Volcanic sidescan textures used in this study.
ggge2212-sup-0009-fs06.jpgJPEG image9752KFigure S6. Tectonic and sedimentary sidescan textures used in this study.
ggge2212-sup-0010-fs07.jpgJPEG image2388KFigure S7. Along-axis profile showing variation in width of the different volcanic textures.
ggge2212-sup-0011-fs08.jpgJPEG image12794KFigure S8. Details of sidescan sonar around the three main OCCs.
ggge2212-sup-0012-fs09.jpgJPEG image2998KFigure S9. Gravity models of OCC1330.
ggge2212-sup-0013-fs10.jpgJPEG image7435KFigure S10. Method of 3D gravity modeling, using the technique of Blackman et al. [2008].
ggge2212-sup-0014-t01.txtplain text document1KTab-delimited Table 1.
ggge2212-sup-0015-t02.txtplain text document1KTab-delimited Table 2.

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