Auxiliary material for this article contains graphs of the radiant heat flux and the cooling curves for the fifteen lava fountains not reported in the paper.

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grl29016-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document9Kreadme.txt
grl29016-sup-0002-fs01.epsPS document1630KFigure S1. Radiant heat flux during 9–10 April 2011.
grl29016-sup-0003-fs02.epsPS document1092KFigure S2. Radiant heat flux during 11–12 May 2011.
grl29016-sup-0004-fs03.epsPS document780KFigure S3. Radiant heat flux during 9 July 2011.
grl29016-sup-0005-fs04.epsPS document1104KFigure S4. Radiant heat flux during 24–25 July 2011.
grl29016-sup-0006-fs05.epsPS document726KFigure S5. Radiant heat flux during 30–31 July 2011.
grl29016-sup-0007-fs06.epsPS document776KFigure S6. Radiant heat flux during 5–6 August 2011.
grl29016-sup-0008-fs07.epsPS document858KFigure S7. Radiant heat flux during 12 August 2011.
grl29016-sup-0009-fs08.epsPS document1303KFigure S8. Radiant heat flux during 20 August 2011.
grl29016-sup-0010-fs09.epsPS document847KFigure S9. Radiant heat flux during 29 August 2011.
grl29016-sup-0011-fs10.epsPS document915KFigure S10. Radiant heat flux during 8 September 2011.
grl29016-sup-0012-fs11.epsPS document738KFigure S11. Radiant heat flux during 28–29 September 2011.
grl29016-sup-0013-fs12.epsPS document780KFigure S12. Radiant heat flux during 8–9 October 2011.
grl29016-sup-0014-fs13.epsPS document749KFigure S13. Radiant heat flux during 23–24 October 2011.
grl29016-sup-0015-fs14.epsPS document901KFigure S14. Radiant heat flux during 15 November 2011.
grl29016-sup-0016-fs15.epsPS document955KFigure S15. Radiant heat flux during 5 January 2012.
grl29016-sup-0017-fs16.epsPS document357KFigure S16. Cooling curve of the 9–10 April 2011 lava flow field.
grl29016-sup-0018-fs17.epsPS document398KFigure S17. Cooling curve of the 11–12 May 2011 lava flow field.
grl29016-sup-0019-fs18.epsPS document374KFigure S18. Cooling curve of the 9 July 2011 lava flow field.
grl29016-sup-0020-fs19.epsPS document262KFigure S19. Cooling curve of the 24–25 July 2011 lava flow field.
grl29016-sup-0021-fs20.epsPS document308KFigure S20. Cooling curve of the 30–31 July 2011 lava flow field.
grl29016-sup-0022-fs21.epsPS document290KFigure S21. Cooling curve of the 5–6 August 2011 lava flow field.
grl29016-sup-0023-fs22.epsPS document376KFigure S22. Cooling curve of the 12 August 2011 lava flow field.
grl29016-sup-0024-fs23.epsPS document439KFigure S23. Cooling curve of the 20 August 2011 lava flow field.
grl29016-sup-0025-fs24.epsPS document373KFigure S24. Cooling curve of the 29 August 2011 lava flow field.
grl29016-sup-0026-fs25.epsPS document351KFigure S25. Cooling curve of the 8 September 2011 lava flow field.
grl29016-sup-0027-fs26.epsPS document262KFigure S26. Cooling curve of the 28–29 September 2011 lava flow field.
grl29016-sup-0028-fs27.epsPS document290KFigure S27. Cooling curve of the 8–9 October 2011 lava flow field.
grl29016-sup-0029-fs28.epsPS document355KFigure S28. Cooling curve of the 23–24 October 2011 lava flow field.
grl29016-sup-0030-fs29.epsPS document265KFigure S29. Cooling curve of the 15 November 2011 lava flow field.
grl29016-sup-0031-fs30.epsPS document334KFigure S30. Cooling curve of the 5 January 2012 lava flow field.
grl29016-sup-0032-t01.txtplain text document1KTab-delimited Table 1.
grl29016-sup-0033-t02.txtplain text document1KTab-delimited Table 2.

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