Systematic and random error components in satellite precipitation data sets



[1] This study contributes to characterization of satellite precipitation error which is fundamental to develop uncertainty models and bias reduction algorithms. Systematic and random error components of several satellite precipitation products are investigated over different seasons, thresholds and temporal accumulations. The analyses show that the spatial distribution of systematic error has similar patterns for all precipitation products. However, the systematic (random) error of daily accumulations is significantly less (more) than that of high resolution 3-hr data. One should note that the systematic biases of satellite precipitation are distinctively different in the summer and winter. The systematic (random) error is remarkably higher (lower) during the winter. Furthermore, the systematic error seems to be proportional to the rain rate magnitude. The findings of this study highlight that bias removal methods should take into account the spatiotemporal characteristics of error as well as the proportionality of error to the magnitude of rain rate.