Auxiliary material for this article contains a figure showing the cyclone climatology over the Atlantic, a text file describing the cyclone tracking algorithm, and a colored figure which represents the low-frequency potential vorticity field at a given time for three weather regimes transitions corresponding to three distinct SB decay stages.

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Additional file information is provided in the readme.txt.

grl29192-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document2Kreadme.txt
grl29192-sup-0002-txts01.txtplain text document2KText S1. Description of the cyclone tracking method and a comparison with other cyclone tracking methods.
grl29192-sup-0003-fs01.epsPS document486KFigure S1. Climatology of the cyclone tracks density for 16 October to 15 April from 1958 to 2001.
grl29192-sup-0004-fs02.epsPS document61KFigure S2. Low-frequency PV averaged over four isentropic levels at T-3 days before the weather regime transition.
grl29192-sup-0005-t01.txtplain text document0KTab-delimited Table 1.

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