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grl29544-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document5Kreadme.txt
grl29544-sup-0002-fs01.epsPS document874KFigure S1. Comparison of the MT response for station pb01 on day 192 and 196.
grl29544-sup-0003-fs02.epsPS document3812KFigure S2. Time lapse map of phase tensor residuals calculated as pre-injection minus subsequent days estimated from 3D forward modeling of a growing conductive body 3.6∼km depth similar to Paralana.
grl29544-sup-0004-fs03.epsPS document2042KFigure S3. Depth estimation for station pb24 employing a 2D Occam inversion and inverting only the mode with the electric field aligned with geoelectric strike because of its sensitivity to conductivity contrasts.
grl29544-sup-0005-fs04.epsPS document1649KFigure S4. Maps of apparent resistivity residuals for Z_xy estimated as the difference between pre-injection apparent resistivity and apparent resistivity from subsequent days.

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