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grl29600-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document3Kreadme.txt
grl29600-sup-0002-txts01.txtplain text document4KText S1. Further details of the model resolution analysis and stability tests.
grl29600-sup-0003-txts02.txtplain text document1KText S2. A short description the mainshock hypocentre relocation method based on our 3D velocity model.
grl29600-sup-0004-fs01.jpgJPEG image216KFigure S1. The picking errors of the automatic picking algorithm, based on a subset of events.
grl29600-sup-0005-fs02.jpgJPEG image901KFigure S2. The resolution estimate of our best 3D model based on analysis of the model resolution matrix.
grl29600-sup-0006-fs03.jpgJPEG image213KFigure S3. The results of our 2D vp event bootstrap resampling.
grl29600-sup-0007-fs04.jpgJPEG image1140KFigure S4. Synthetic recovery tests using a large (10 km high) seamount-like structure on the downgoing plate.
grl29600-sup-0008-fs05.jpgJPEG image1139KFigure S5. Synthetic recovery tests using a small (5 km high) seamount-like structure on the downgoing plate.
grl29600-sup-0009-fs06.jpgJPEG image1604KFigure S6. Our best 2D vp and vp/vs, and their comparison with that obtained for south-central Chile.
grl29600-sup-0010-fs07.jpgJPEG image441KFigure S7. The Vp model along profile E-E'.
grl29600-sup-0011-fs08.jpgJPEG image321KFigure S8. The comparison between aftershock locations from the global catalogue (NEIC) and the relocations inside our 3D velocity model.
grl29600-sup-0012-fs09.jpgJPEG image6030KFigure S9. The reconstructions of the Nazca and Pacific plates.
grl29600-sup-0013-fs10.jpgJPEG image1092KFigure S10. The P-wave velocity model along the thrust interface overlain by the plate locking contours fromMoreno et al., 2012.

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