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grl29614-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document3Kreadme.txt
grl29614-sup-0002-fs01.pdfPDF document81KFigure S1. Mean annual precipitation from TRMM measurements and CAM3 simulation and precipitation difference between the no transpiration and transpiration runs.
grl29614-sup-0003-fs02.pdfPDF document401KFigure S2. Mean seasonal difference of evapotranspiration for March-April-May, June-July-August, September-October-December, and December-January-February from the NCAR CAM between the runs without and with plants.
grl29614-sup-0004-fs03.pdfPDF document361KFigure S3. Mean annual difference of total column-integrated moisture, surface air relative humidity, surface air temperature, and latitudinal mean vertical temperature from the NCAR CAM between the runs without and with plants.
grl29614-sup-0005-fs04.pdfPDF document28KFigure S4. The relationship between total moisture content and mean precipitation for each moisture content bin similar to Peters and Neelin [2008].

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