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2012JB009548fs01.pdfPDF document198KFigure A1. Misfit between observed and synthetic seismograms as a function of depth for variations in focal mechanism and velocity for Izu event (deep and long event on 3 April 2004 23:02:00 UTC) and Tonga event (shallow and long event on 12 February 2004 13:47:32). (a) Focal mechanism changes do not result in significant depth changes of more than ±1 km, although misfit of the shallow Tonga event increases significantly when focal mechanism parameters are changed. Small changes in depth lead to no or minimal change (1 s or less) in source time function duration. (b) Velocity Vp, Vs, and Vp/Vs variations lead to larger changes in depth and corresponding duration estimates (up to 4 s lower in Izu event and 3 s lower for Tonga event).
2012JB009548fs02.pdfPDF document4823KFigure A2. Example cross sections for (a) Chile and (b) Alaska, showing position of our deconvolution depths relative to the Slab 1.0 plate interface model of Hayes et al. [2012].
2012JB009548ts01.xlsxExcel 2007 spreadsheet109KSupplementary Table 1. Table Listing All Events and Related Information Used in This Study

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