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jgrd18050-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document8Kreadme.txt
jgrd18050-sup-0002-fs01.pdfPDF document62KFigure S1. Arrangement of different substrates on the MOUDI impaction plate to collect particles for micro-spectroscopy analyses and ice nucleation experiments.
jgrd18050-sup-0003-fs02.pdfPDF document383KFigure S2. HYSPLIT 24h-backward trajectories ending at the L.A. ground site on the two sampling dates, May 19 and May 23.
jgrd18050-sup-0004-fs03.pdfPDF document438KFigure S3. Wind directions and speed measured at the L.A. ground site for sampling time periods corresponding to each sample collected on May 19 and May 23.
jgrd18050-sup-0005-fs04.pdfPDF document94KFigure S4. Typical STEM images for determination of soot/inorganic core sizes and thickness of the organic coatings.
jgrd18050-sup-0006-fs05.pdfPDF document7KFigure S5. Mean onset relative humidity (RH) values for the water uptake by investigated particles and comparison with deliquescence relative humidity for ammonium sulfate and sodium chloride (NaCl) from previous studies.
jgrd18050-sup-0007-fs06.pdfPDF document29KFigure S6. Experimentally derived heterogeneous ice nucleation coefficients, Jhet, and cumulative ice nuclei spectra, K, as a function of temperature for deposition ice nucleation by the investigated particle samples.
jgrd18050-sup-0008-fs07.pdfPDF document8KFigure S7. IN number concentrations (per liter of air) as a function of temperature.
jgrd18050-sup-0009-ts01.pdfPDF document69KTable S1. Mean values of temperature, relative humidity (RH), and wind speed with one standard deviation measured at the L.A. ground site for the sampling periods corresponding to each sample collected on May 19 and May 23.
jgrd18050-sup-0010-ts02.pdfPDF document77KTable S2. Mean Jhet and K values at mean freezing temperatures for the investigated particle samples.
jgrd18050-sup-0011-txts01.pdfPDF document180KText S1. Backward trajectories and atmospheric aging processes during the sampling periods investigated in this study and ice nucleation analysis for the investigated particle samples.
jgrd18050-sup-0012-t01.txtplain text document1KTab-delimited Table 1.
jgrd18050-sup-0013-t02.txtplain text document3KTab-delimited Table 2.

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