Correction to “The 1452 or 1453 A.D. Kuwae eruption signal derived from multiple ice core records: Greatest volcanic sulfate event of the past 700 years”



This article corrects:

  1. The 1452 or 1453 A.D. Kuwae eruption signal derived from multiple ice core records: Greatest volcanic sulfate event of the past 700 years Volume 111, Issue D12, Article first published online: 27 June 2006

[1] In the paper “The 1452 or 1453 A.D. Kuwae Eruption Signal Derived from Multiple Ice Core Records: Greatest Volcanic Sulfate Event of the Past 700 Years” by C. Gao et al. (Journal of Geophysical Research, 111, D12107, doi:10.1029/2005JD006710, 2006) an erroneous longitude was given in one of the ice cores – DML_B33 – in Table 1 as well as Figure 1. The correct coordinates should be “75.2°S, 6.5°E” instead of “75.2°S, 6.5°W.” We thank Hans Oerter for pointing out this error. The corrected Figure 1 and Table 1 are below.

Figure 1.

Locations of the 20 Southern Hemisphere ice core sites (see Table 1).

Table 1. Ice Core Time Series Used in the Studya
NameLocationPeriodResolutionAnnual Accumulation Rate (mwe/yr)Measure TypeUnitsReference
  • a

    ECM, electrical conductivity measurement; DEP, dielectric profiling; NSS SO4, non-sea-salt sulfate; CFA, continuous flow analysis; NSS-conductivity, non-sea-salt conductivity; EXS, excess sulfate; mwe, meters of liquid water equivalent.

  • b

    Ice cores used by Robock and Free [1995].

A84b80.7°N, 73.1°W1223–19611/yr0.098ECMμAFisher et al. [1995]
A77b80.7°N, 73.1°W453–18531/yr0.175ECMμAFisher et al. [1995]
NGT_B2079°N, 36.5°W830–199312/yr0.098CFAng/g (ppb)Bigler et al. [2002]
NorthGRIP1.ECM75.1°N, 42.3°W190–19692/yr0.152ECM this paper
NorthGRIP1.SO475.1°N, 42.3°W190–19691/yr0.152total SO4μeq/kgthis paper
GISP2b72.6°N, 38.5°W1–19840.5/yr0.420NSS SO4ppbZielinski [1995]
Dye3 deep72.6°N, 37.6°W1–17684/yr0.500ECM this paper
Greenland Site T72.6°N,38.5 W1731–19891/yr0.224EXSkg/km2Mosley-Thompson et al. [1993]
GRIP main71.3°N, 26.7°W1–16424/yr0.212ECM this paper
Crête71.1°N, 37.3°W553–17784/yr0.267ECM this paper
Greenland Site A70.8°N, 36°W1715–19851/yr0.267EXSkg/km2Mosley-Thompson et al. [1993]
Renland70.6°N, 35.8°W1000–19841/yr0.319ECM this paper
20Db65°N, 45°W1767–19831/yr0.410NSS SO4ng/gMayewski et al. [1990]
Mt. Loganb60.6°N, 141°W1689–19791/yr0.330total SO4μeq/LMayewski et al. [1993]
Law Dome66.7°S 112.8°E1301–199512/yr0.644NSS SO4μeq/LPalmer et al. [2002]
Dyer70.7°S, 65°W1505–19891/yr0.450total SO4 fluxkg/km2Cole-Dai et al. [1997]
G15b71.2°S, 46°E1210–1983varies0.130DEPμS/mMoore et al. [1991]
Talos Dome72.8°S, 159.1°E1217–1996varies0.081NSS SO4μeq/LStenni et al. [2002]
Dome Cb74.7°S, 124.2°E1763–19731/yr0.031NSS SO4μeq/LLegrand and Delmas [1987]
DML_B32.SO475°S, 0°W159–1997varies0.061NSS SO4ng/gTraufetter et al. [2004]
DML_B32.ECM75°S, 0°W159–199712/yr0.061NSS-conductivityμS/cmSommer et al. [2000a]
DML_B3375.2°S, 6.5°E1–199612/yr0.063NSS-conductivityμS/cmSommer et al. [2000a]
DML_B3175.6°S, 3.5°W463–199412/yr0.044NSS-conductivityμS/cmSommer et al. [2000a]
Siple Station76°S, 84.3°W1417–19831/yr0.550Total SO4 fluxkg/km2Cole-Dai et al. [1997]
ITASE 01–577°S, 89°W1781–2002varies0.389SO4μg/LDixon et al. [2004]
ITASE 00–577.7°S, 124°W1708–2001varies0.136SO4μg/LDixon et al. [2004]
ITASE 00–478°S, 120°W1799–2001varies0.190SO4μg/LDixon et al. [2004]
ITASE 01–378.1°S, 95.6°W1859–2002varies0.326SO4μg/LDixon et al. [2004]
ITASE 00–179.4°S, 111°W1651–2001varies0.218SO4μg/LDixon et al. [2004]
ITASE 99–180.6°S,122.6°W1713–2000varies0.130SO4μg/LDixon et al. [2004]
Plateau Remoteb84°S, 43°E1–19861/yr0.040SO4ppbCole-Dai et al. [2000]
PS1b90°S1010–19841/yr0.080NSS SO4ng/gDelmas et al. [1992]
PS14b90°S1800–19841/yr0.080NSS SO4ng/gDelmas et al. [1992]
SP2001c190°S905–19991/yr0.080Total SO4 fluxkg/km2Budner and Cole-Dai [2003]
SP9590°S1487–1992varies0.078SO4μg/LDixon et al. [2004]