Correction to “Global patterns of land-atmosphere fluxes of carbon dioxide, latent heat, and sensible heat derived from eddy covariance, satellite, and meteorological observations”


  • Martin Jung,

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  • Markus Reichstein,

  • Hank A. Margolis,

  • Alessandro Cescatti,

  • Andrew D. Richardson,

  • M. Altaf Arain,

  • Almut Arneth,

  • Christian Bernhofer,

  • Damien Bonal,

  • Jiquan Chen,

  • Damiano Gianelle,

  • Nadine Gobron,

  • Gerald Kiely,

  • Werner Kutsch,

  • Gitta Lasslop,

  • Beverly E. Law,

  • Anders Lindroth,

  • Lutz Merbold,

  • Leonardo Montagnani,

  • Eddy J. Moors,

  • Dario Papale,

  • Matteo Sottocornola,

  • Francesco Vaccari,

  • Christopher Williams


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