palo20004-sup-0001-Readme.txtplain text document3KReadme.txt
palo20004-sup-0002-Schlungetal_splice.txtplain text document1KThis file is the splice tables used for this study. They reflect a new splice that was constructed by T. Sakamoto for the purposes of this study, which uses U1340A as the backbone of the splice. These files differ from those published in the Expedition 323 proceedings, which do not primarily use U1340A.
palo20004-sup-0003-Schlungetal_affine.txtplain text document0KThis file is the affine table resulting from the splice.
palo20004-sup-0004-Schlungetal_clay.txtplain text document2KThis file is the percentage of clay data from U1340, generated at MLML as described in the methods section of the publication.
palo20004-sup-0005-Schlungetal_density.txtplain text document47KThis file is the shipboard density data for the spliced intervals used in this publication, and with the age model applied.
palo20004-sup-0006-Schlungetal_lowdnstyintrvls.txtplain text document1KThis file is an inventory of the intervals that have low-density spikes seen in Figure 2 of the publication.
palo20004-sup-0007-Schlungetal_primarydata.txtplain text document40KThis file is isotope and alkenone data from U1340, generated at the University of California Santa Cruz as described in the methods section of the publication.

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