This message is not of an inspirational nature. I hope that this is a relief to you; if you need inspiration I suggest that you follow the primaries closely in this election year. Instead, I've written a rather dreary piece about the nuts and bolts that keep the Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology (VGP) Section going. These nuts and bolts are essential to the section, however. It may be useful to you, or you may be able to help.

You will be hearing more about the Geophysics Research Forum in the future in these pages. The AGU Council, with your help, will be trying to determine what important issues and priorities should dominate the science over the next few years. Similarly, the National Academy of Sciences—National Research Council's Board on Earth Sciences is planning to write are porton priorities and future opportunities in the Earth sciences. If you have ideas on where you feel the science should be heading, on priorities in the science, on which subfields should be emphasized and which deemphasized, please write me. It's important, as such exercises can profoundly affect the future and future funding of our science. VGP science is particularly exciting, and the best ideas must be included.