The OSSA budget: Another view



The recent letter by L. H. Meredith commenting on the proposed fiscal year (FY) 1989 budget for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Office of Space Science and Applications (OSSA) fails to recognize the public procedures and planning processes that were involved in the determination of the budget. The letter also ignores the long-range planning that OSSA has been pursuing in very close consultation with the scientific community in order to achieve, insofar as possible, a rationalization of the budget and programmatic decision-making process. This planning, which addresses well the issues Meredith seems concerned about, does not absolutely guarantee budgetary success for the long term. However, without the planning, any success will be nearly impossible to achieve. I strongly suggest that Meredith (and any other interested member of AGU) obtain and read carefully copies of the minutes of the last two or three meetings of the OSSA Space and Earth Science Advisory Committee (SESAC) and a copy of the initial OSSA Strategic Plan. These minutes document a portion of the dialog between NASA and the science community which was instrumental in formulating this year's budget and the plans for following years.