Early HVO Bulletins collected, published



The volcanology bulletins published since the early 20th century by the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) are now available as a three-volume set. In this collection, the contents of The Volcano Letter and other early HVO publications are fully indexed for the first time.

The HVO collection, entitled The Early Serial Publications of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, was inspired by the Smithsonian Institution's 1987 reprint The Volcano Letter, 1925– 1955. The new work includes an index to The Volcano Letter as well as to the other early HVO publications, a long with a bibliography. In the preface to the HVO volumes, compilers Darcy Bevens, Taeko Jane Takahashi, and Thomas L. Wright explain that this collection completes the reprinting o f the early HVO serial publications. Each volume is separately paginated and indexed, and the collection spans works from 1913 to 1955.