Contribution of geophysics to climate changes studies



A symposium on the contributions of geophysics to climate change studies was held at the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) 19th General Assembly in Vancouver, Canada, during August 1987. The principal aim of this symposium was to describe the contributions that have been made by each of the disciplines represented within IUGG to the study of climate change. To present a balanced program, the symposium was composed of invited reviews, but other viewpoints were given during general discussion. The themes that were covered reflected the interests of the seven IUGG Associations; they included volcanism, biogeochemistry, land hydrology, climate modeling (past and present), cryosphere, paleoclimates, land surface processes, tropical oceans and the global atmosphere, clouds and atmospheric radiation, aeronomy and planetary atmospheres, and modeling future climate changes.