Hawaii organizes new school


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The University of Hawaii, Honolulu, has brought together several existing Earth science programs to create a new School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology. SOEST will incorporate the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics, the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, the departments of Geology, Geophysics, Meteorology, Oceanography, and Ocean Engineering, the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory, the Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research, and the Sea Grant College Program. Charles Helsley is acting dean of the new school.

In announcing the establishment of the new school, the University of Hawaii's president, Albert J. Simone, said that with the Exclusive Economic Zone, Hawaii is the second largest state in the nation. Hawaii hopes to see significant economic gains result from its new school; the technology developed at SOEST will have applications in energy production, ocean mining, agriculture, and many other fields.