Sonar data classification


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AGU's special committee, established to examine classification of geophysical information by the U.S. Department of Defense, received a letter from NOAA alerting them to proposed restrictions on side-looking high-resolution sonar data. NOAA chief scientist, Melvin Peterson, stressed in his letter to committee chairman John Bossier that “the strength of our science programs in the ocean and our ability to attract good students in the future will b e affected.”

At the committee meeting to discuss the issue a NOAA representative briefly outlined the plans of the National Academy of Sciences to have the Naval Studies Board rereview the issue. AGU's committee decided it would be more appropriate to coordinate efforts with NAS rather than act independently. President Don Anderson wrote to Frank Press of NAS to suggest a cooperative effort and proposed the inclusion of two AGU members on the Naval Studies Board. He described both members as experts in their fields that could contribute to the assessment of the problem.