Arctic geodynamics: A satellite altimeter experiment for the European Space Agency Earth Remote-Sensing Satellite



The opening and evolution of the Arctic Ocean seafloor, and its morphology and dynamics, is an area of study that can be addressed by the use of satellite altimetry. Recent work indicates that satellite altimetric data can be successfully applied to the study of Arctic Ocean seafloor formation and in particular Arctic margin formation, evolution, and structure. A comparative study of such structures and their mechanism of formation is now underway at several institutes throughout the world. This investigation will develop satellite-determined detailed gravity field models for high-latitude and Arctic Ocean applications. The Earth Remote- Sensing Satellite (ERS-1) study will also test and improve ocean tidal models in high-latitude regions and in the Arctic Ocean. The investigation will address the question of the mechanism of tidal energy dissipation in the high-latitude margins and the Arctic Ocean. Special concern will also be given to studying the ice regions.