Galveston Symposium: Physical Oceanography of the Louisiana/Texas Continental Shelf



The Minerals Management Service (MMS), Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Region sponsored a symposium on the Physical Oceanography of the Louisiana/Texas (LA/TX) Shelf in Galveston, Texas, on May 24–26, 1988. The symposium brought together a number of physical oceanographers, meteorologists, and ecologists to discuss the state of knowledge and to begin the planning process for a long-term study of shelf circulation covering the region from the mouth of the Mississippi River to approximately 24° latitude along the Mexican coast and from the shore out to a depth of approximately 500 m. The proposed study, to be a component of the ongoing MMS Environmental Studies Program, is expected to take place during the period 1989–1991. It is anticipated that the work will be done principally through contracts after a competitive procurement process. Specific charges to the participants were as follows:

  • to assess the current state of knowledge concerning the circulation on the LA/TX shelf
  • to identify significant gaps in that knowledge
  • to recommend a field measurement program to address these gaps
  • to recommend a circulation modeling program for the LA/TX shelf that will improve MMS' oil spill risk assessments
  • to identify and initiate coordination mechanisms and data-sharing arrangements with other proposed research efforts