Hurricane Gilbert


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Hurricane Gilbert, one of the most powerful (category 5) storms on record, devastated the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico, on September 14, 1988. Two days earlier, it destroyed an estimated 100,000 of Jamaica's 500,000 houses. Two day slater, it again madel and fall, striking north eastern Mexico, causing more than 200 people to perish.

The damage potential scale categories of the Saffir-Simpson Scale of hurricanes ranges from category 1, a minimal-sized hurricane with central pressure equal to or greater than 980 mbar, up to category 5, a catastrophicstorm with centralpres sure lower than 920 mbar. Two other category 5 hurricanes affected the Gulf of Mexico region in this century: one in September 1935, which devastated Key West, Fla., and hurricane Camille of August 1969, which caused extensive damage along the Mississippi and Louisiana coastlines.