U.S. verification method disputed



Milo Nordyke, senior scientist at Lawrence Liver more National Laboratory in Liver more, Calif., testified October 6 at a Senate Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Soviet test ban noncompliance and the recently concluded Joint Verification Experiment. He said that the the government's method for on-site test monitoring is intrusive, expensive, and could limit some U.S. weapon design programs. In addition, Gregory Van der Vink of the congressional Office of Technology Assessment presented new evidence that White House charges that the Soviet Union has not complied with the current 150 kiloton test limit are probably without basis.

Also testifying were Paul Robinson, U.S. negotiator for the Nuclear Testing Talks; Peter Sharfman, program manager for International Security and Commerce at OTA; and physicist David Hafemeister of California Polytechnical State University, San Luis Obispo.