AGU Congressional Fellow Frizell


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AGU Congressional Science Fellow Virgil A. Frizzell, Jr., has completed the orientation program offered by the American Association for the Advancement of Science and has elected to work with Congressman Norman Y. Mineta.

During the 2-week orientation program arranged and conducted by AAAS, lectures, seminars, receptions, and tours introduced many aspects of the legislative process to Frizzell and the 40 other fellows comprising the 1988–1989 class of the AAAS Congressional Science and Engineering Fellows and Diplomacy Fellows Programs. Briefings by agencies affiliated with Congress (Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, General Accounting Office, and Congressional Budget Office), Executive agencies (Office of Management and Budget and Department of Defense), and several outside agencies (National Academy of Science, Inter-American Development Bank, and World Resources Institute) provided insight into their roles in science a n d technology policy analysis, development, and implementation. The fellows generally found the orientation program challenging and exhausting, but it provided them with a basic understanding of the working environment in the capital and prepared them for the 2-week selection process.