JGR to feature GEOSAT result


  • Bruce C. Douglas,

  • Robert E. Cheney


A forthcoming special issue of the Journal of Geophysical Research will be devoted to results from the GEOSAT altimeter mission. Contributions are solicited on all aspects of the data, including sea level, ocean dynamics, tides, marine geodesy, wind speed, wave height, data management, model assimilation, algorithm development, altimeter calibration, orbit determination, and geopotential improvement.

GEOSAT is a U.S. Navy satellite built and operated by the Applied Physics Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University. The GEOSAT data set has been prepared by NOAA National Ocean Service and is distributed through the National Oceanographic Data Center. The archive presently includes geophysical data records for 2 years (Cheney et al., GEOSAT Altimeter Geophysical Data Record User Handbook, NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS NGS-46, 32 pp., July 1987); new data are added each month. An additional 18-month wind-wave data set is also available (Dobson et al., GEOSAT Altimeter Wind and Wave Data Record User Handbook, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Report SIR88U, 29 p p. March 1988).