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At the Vancouver General Assembly of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences, its International Committee on Remote Sensing and Data Transmission (ICRSDT) established a Working Group on Global Change and the Global Energy and Water Cycle Experment (GEWEX). The ICRSDT Working Group has begun formulating areas of effort to consider, discuss, and develop over the next few years. The present members are Barry Goodison, Canada; Robert Gurney, U.S.; Helmut Rott, Austria; Albert Rango, U.S.; Vincent Salomonson, U.S., Chairman; and John Stewart, U.K.

Tentative effort areas include the following:

  • Further definition of the role of remote sensing and data transmission in GEWEX.
  • Definition of the large-scale effects of seasonal snow cover, particularly as observed by remote sensing.
  • Quantifying the spatial and temporal variability of evapotranspiration over large areas using remote sensing.
  • Selection of models making good use of remote sensing for general circulation models and water balance studies.
  • Definition of methods involving remote sensing or data transmission to aggregate observations or parameterize processes on a regional scale (for example, GCM grid scale/100×100 km) so as to Jink local processes with GCM models of the atmosphere or large watershed models.
  • Developing recommendations for remote sensing and in situ data sets that should be given high priority and compiled for studies of the hydrological cycle and its evolution over time. As part of this recommendation, identifications of key countries and their existing data sets might be included in the effort.