This book is an excellent textbook for an undergraduate course in physical oceanography, and some of its chapters can also be used in a graduate introductory course. The book is clearly written from the perspective of a physicist, as the title itself declares. Therefore, it gives a different and interesting approach to physical oceanography, complementary to that of the vast majority of introductory textbooks, which are much more descriptive and phenomenologically oriented.

After the introduction, with an historical review of the evolution of physical oceanography, Chapter 2 is devoted to a review of t he major forces driving the ocean's general circulation. This chapter contains well-organized and clear discussions of radiative forcing a nd of the basics of atmospheric circulation and the ocean response, both for wind-driven and thermohaline components of the circulation, on the global scale. This chapter also offers an informative section on the sea floor and its dynamics, thus enclosing the oceanic layer between its two natural boundaries, the atmosphere above and the ocean floor below.