Changing of the guard


  • John C. Eichelberger


With this VGP News column, I conclude my 3.5 years as VGP Editor of Eos and turn the job over to William H. Casey. As a convenience to our readers, the address to which your cards and letters should be sent remains the same. But while the editor's abode is unchanged, the personal scientific focus of the editor changes from magma to muck.

Bill concerns himself with fluids and rocks and mixtures thereof at low temperature, and he is a vigorous researcher and prolific writer in this area. I know his scientific preference will come as a relief to those of you who think that if you've seen one volcano, you've seen them all. Seriously though, the change will help to give an overall balance to Eos' coverage. Volcano news is now rolling in without the need of encouragement from the VGP Editor.