President's proposed budget for FY04 generally favorable for science



The executive committee of the Solar-Planetary Relationships Section met December 4, 1988, at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco. The following is the President's report on that meeting.

The SPR Section of AGU carries the responsibility for the vitality of the fields of solar, heliospheric and magnetospheric physics and aeronomy. What AGU does and, in particular, what the SPR Section does will affect the course of science in these disciplines by enhancing or diminishing the communication between scientists. In realization of this the SPR executive committee has been working toward improving our meetings and maintaining the high quality of our journals. The present section executive committee consists of the president, president-elect, past president, and secretaries and the chairs of all SPR committees appointed by the president, SPR representatives of AGU committees, and representatives of all SPR-AGU journals.