Long-term seismicity of North Armenia



The earthquake of December 7, 1988, in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Armenia occurred at 0741:25 UT or about 11:41 A.M. local time, with the worst effects in the region between Leninakan and Kirovakan, where there was great destruction and loss of life. The preliminary focus calculated by the National Earthquake Information Center of the U.S. Geological Survey, Golden, Colo., is 41.00°N, 44.20°E, constrained to a focal depth of 10 km. This position is about 38 km northeast of Leninakan and 18 km north northwest of the town of Spitak. The first reported Soviet determination put the preliminary epicenter midway between Leninakan and Spitak about 18 km from each [Markov, 1988].