Hydroiogic extremes in several areas of the country may be t h e fare this spring, according to Michael D. Hudlow, director of hydrology at the National Weather Service. Abovenormal precipitation/snowfall occurred across parts of the western U.S., a n d above-normal precipitation occurred across most of t h e Mississippi Valley during the first 3 months of the 1989 water year (October–December 1988). Effects of the 1988 water year (October 1987–September 1988), one of the driest in over 50 years, still persist in terms of low reservoir storage.

Northern California, where the snowpack is below normal, may be facing its third consecutive dry year. Average reservoir storage is only 50%, and no river system will receive more than 75% of its normal runoff. NWS's meteorological outlook for March calls for above-average rainfall for California and the northwest.