Mantle Xenoliths



Mantle Xenoliths, edited by Peter H. Nixon, provides a valuable summary of both the state of our knowledge of mantle xenoliths and the current interpretations of them. It is generally well edited and surprisingly well integrated for a large, multiauthored volume.

Useful integrating features include introductory sections (by Nixon) an d a summary chapter (chapter 50), by Nixon and Davies, a single large (∼2500 entries) bibliography and good index. Last but not least, there is a glossary to help readers with some of the more specialized (not to say overlapping or conflicting) terminologies used by the different schools of xenolith buffs. These features plus the generally high quality of text layout, figures, and the 25 color plates, indicate that the editor and authors have made a serious effort to put together a book that will reach an audience beyond the circle of xenolith experts.