Surface water committee 1988–1990


  • Anonymous


The Surface Water committee has been one of the most active committees of the Hydrology Section owing in part to its broad chagrge. Previous committee chairmen Keith Hipel (1982–1984) and Jery Stedinger (1984–1988) have enthusiastically promoted the committee with the result that the number of special sessions sponsored has averaged 2–4 per AGU meeting. These sessions have covered topics clearly falling within the charge implied by the committee's title, such as water quality monitoring design, hydrologic instrumentation, and computer graphics.

The wide range of special sessions organized by the committee is attributable in part to the committee's broad charge but also to the high level of activity the committee has enjoyed, and the relative inactivity of some other Hydrology Section committees. At present, almost all of the committees are active, and some change in direction for the Surface Water Committee appears in order. I believe that this change in direction should be subtle, but should emphasize increased cosponsorship of special sessions with other Hydrology Section committees, and other AGU Sections.