Profiles of the hydrologic community


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The National Research Council's Water Science and Technology Board has a Committee on Opportunities in the Hydrologic Sciences chaired by AGU Past President Peter S. Eagleson (see “Opportunities in the Hydrologic Sciences,” by Eagleson, Eos, 69, 817). This committee recently conducted a survey of members of the AGU Hydrology Section. The results promised at the time of the survey are in the table below.

A very impressive, almost incredible aspect of this survey is that nearly 75% of those surveyed actually responded. At first glance, the change in the hydrologic community has been spectacular. For example, note the percentage of respondents with doctoral degrees compared to that in 1960. The committee is trying to understand how much of the apparent change shown by this survey might be attributed to a change in the type of database and how much is real. Before the committee's NRC report is completed, there will be further analysis of the data and an interpretation. At this time, these data are drawn only from the working papers of the Committee on Opportunities in the Hydrologic Sciences. Appreciation is expressed to many members of the AGU Hydrology Section for their cooperation and assistance in responding to the survey. This informaton was provided by Stephen D. Barker, Director of the Water Science and Technology Board, NRC.