Geomagnetics R&D: The future of geomagnetics research and development in the military and civilian sectors: Impact of New Technologies



Geomagnetics research and development in both the military and civilian sectors could benefit substantially from recent developments in technology. Among these might be included the use of satellites for navigation, communications, and magnetic field monitoring; the application of supercomputers to geophysical modeling; and the implementation of low-noise, high-resolution instrumentation.

A small number of scientists had occasion to discuss these developments during July 1987, on the eve of the retirement of Robert H. Higgs as director of the Geophysics Department of the Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVOCEANO) in Bay St. Louis, Miss. Bob is widely recognized among the scientific community as a luminary in what has been one of the most vigorous geomagnetics programs in the country, and the attendees met to pay tribute to his dedicated leadership and service to the science during his more than 31 years in NAVOCEANO. We met to exchange views and, in particular, to glean some insight from Bob on a number of issues facing the Navy and other agencies.