GLIMPCE Seismic Experiments: Long-offset recordings


  • GLIMPCE Seismic Refraction Working Group


The Great Lakes International Multidisciplinary Program on Crustal Evolution (GLIMPCE) was initiated in late 1985 by Canadian and U.S. scientists who share a common interest in the geology of the midcontinent. Its mandate is to promote and coordinate geoscientific research in the general area of the Great Lakes. This region contains some of North America's most interesting geological structures and offers a rare opportunity to study a large part of the continental interior using relatively inexpensive marine seismic techniques. Targets addressed by the first phase of GLIMPCE studies include the middle Proterozoic Midcontinent rift system centered on Lake Superior, the early Proterozoic Penokean orogen and Niagara suture south of Lake Superior extending through Lake Michigan, and the early Proterozoic Huronian continental margin and middle Proterozoic Grenville front in the vicinity of Lake Huron (Figure 1).